Fututes :

  • Nationwide distribution team .
  • Expert in market research .
  • Advanced promotion material .
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Ravian provides a vast variety of Web based services. We can partner with you or provide you with the following services:

  • Act as an agent and promote the manufacturer's or distributor's products through a local office
  • Act as an importer Act as a distributor
  • Provide consultation services
  • Act as a local contact for your firm
  • Provide supervision and management for existing businesses in Iran (even in your absence)
  • Provide reports for market research and trends in short and long run
  • Provide pre-entrance market surveys, research, and data to add clarity to your marketing vision, and aid your overall marketing plan
  • Act as a conduit to connect your company to other businesses if your needs require more extensive resources than we have to offer
  • Ad-hoc services