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CARBON™ CMS/General Portal

Carbon CMS/Portal is the best solution for corporations and individuals who need a reliable and flexible Dynamic presence on the web. The user friendly and easy to use Back office of carbon CMS makes it unique for operators and web masters to create eye catching pages/picture galleries/news letters/online shops/forms and in their web sites...

Carbon ( مدیریت محتوا )
A Content Management System (CMS) is a web based software used to create publish content in a consistently organized fashion.
CMSs are sometimes used for storing , versioning and publishing industry-specific such as news articles, operators manuals , technical manuals sales guides, and brochures.
The content managed may include computer files, image media, audio files, electronic documents and web content.
Below is an extensive list of the features CARBON™ CMS/ General Portal has to offer. Some features are built into the system core; while others are integrated modules that synchronize their main properties automatically with the Core; also there are some optional modules which can be added to the Core for specific functionalities such as E-Learning, E-commerce or …
. General features :
. Easy to use interface with minimal training required
. 100% real time web based control panel
. Dynamic WYSIWYG editor for creating rich eye catching content in your modules
. Integration of multimedia elements such as video, audio, flash animations, Java applets, Custom HTML code and etc.

. Core Features :
. Admin panel with multiple language support( Both left to right and right to left languages)
. Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
. Multiple Templates per Site
. Multiple (hierarchical) Dynamic Menu Types (Horizontal or vertical or even float menus inside the content of each page)
. Two tiers of content management system users :
. 1. CMS Administrator: manage users; permissions, etc. (An administrator can grant as little or as much control to content editors or groups as needed. They can remove buttons and extensions that are not needed for different editors)
. 2. Operator: can have custom permissions applied, e.g. view, edit, manipulate files or publish for permitted modules.

. Modules :
. PageMaker: Template/portlet based PageMaker with multiple WYSIWYG editors for visual -group or individual- page creation. (Hierarchical with n-layers)
. Picture galleries: With an automatic thumbnail generator and grid maker for creating grouped or single picture galleries as required (Hierarchical with n-layers)
. Product Manager: A simple but Useful manager for categorizing your product/s as a single page or page groups. (Hierarchical with n-layers)
. News manager: News module allows you to quickly and easily post articles and editorial content in a standardized way to your news groups on your site. (Hierarchical with n-layers)
. Newsletter manager: Users can sign up for categorized newsletters and login to edit their categories or unsubscribe at any time. (Hierarchical with n-layers)
. Banner manager: Add banners of all size and kind (e.g. Flash, Animated gifs, simple jpg’s with hyperlinks to external URL’s or other pages of the site)
. FAQ: Add, edit or delete Questions and answers at any time.
. Marquee Generator: Create global marquees with hyperlinks to external URL’s or other pages or just create an individual marquee with the same properties for a single page
. Search Component: Add a search component anywhere on a page and give your visitors the ability to search the site with categorized results
. Stats Component: Show or hide your site statistics or customize which stats your visitors should see
The following modules can be optionally added to the CARBON™ CMS/General Portal per request
. E-learning module for schools
. E-Shop with shopping cart and SHETAB’s payment gateway
. E-News Module for creating news portals.
. Tehran stock Exchange Portlet (Automatically Updating with company prices, Asks, Bids and … Every 5 minutes.)
Technical specifications
. Structure: Three tier programming
. Technology: Microsoft .net
. Language: C# (
. Database: MS-SQL 2K
. Data Mediator: XML
. Security: CUASS™ (certified user authentication security system)
. Authentication: Role based
. Query string management: Data encryption and decryption
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